Why inventicsDx?


Because we are one of the world’s
leading microfluidics start-ups

Who we are & what we do

The iDx Solutions

inventicsDx is a young technology company offering a digital diagnostic platform for rapid immune and nucleic acid testing, in addition to a digital analytical platform for rapid biodetection and threat identification.

The company was founded in 2016 as the research and technology company.

In 2021 inventicsDx has been identified as one of the world’s leading microfluidics start-ups by a leading market research agency (Source: www.startus-insights.com).

In the same year the company completed the first prototype for microfluidic tests and its cloud platform for digital diagnostics. With our world-class team of more than 50 experienced industry professionals and highly skilled scientists, we launched the iDx LegioTest 9600, the first rapid test that can be used to test process water for Legionella.

In 2022 we developed the first commercial product for Legionella testing (waste water AND drinking water). We have expanded ELISA with innovative Flow Cell technology and a smart device that enables a fully automated system - from sample processing to results. We are able to perform drinking water analyses for Legionella pneumophila SG1 in less than one hour. The new system delivers accurate, actionable results in less than one hour.

Consumer Health
Rapid Biosurveillance

Quality of drinking water
Quality of food & beverage products
Facility Biosurveillance Management
(Real Estate / Public / Hospitals)
Industrial Biosurveillance Management
(Monitoring of Cooling Towers)

Hospital / Healthcare / Pharma
Rapid DNA & Immune Testing

Microbiology / MRSA
Targeted DNA Diagnostics /
Liquid biopsy
Companion Diagnostics
(Pharmacogenomics / Pharmacovigilance)
Pandemic Situations