iDx BenchTop

an all-in-one smart device

Produkt Highlights

  • Standardized instrument family
  • Devices for different assays and use cases
  • Digitized measurement system thanks to innovative cartridge-based liquid handling
  • Modular design enables simple and reliable assay operation
  • Fully automated sample processing is possible - No laboratory knowledge required
  • Innovative instrument concept based on FlowCell® technology


The iDx BenchTop is an all-in-one smart device and part of our devices family.
Thanks to the innovative cartridge-based instrument concept, fully automated sample processing is possible. This lays the foundation for a high level of work safety for the user and minimizes errors during test performance.
The modular instrument concept of the iDx BenchTop focuses on simple and reliable assay operation. This ensures highest assay reproducibility and reliable results independent of the user.


The iDx BenchTop is connected to the iDx Cloud. The connection to the iDx Cloud is an important step. With iDx Cloud you get a detailed overview of all results and data of your iDx devices anytime and anywhere. Data traffic is fully encrypted using state-of-the-art technologies and meets the strict requirements of German data protection guidelines. You can enrich the test results transmitted by the device with further data in a graphically intuitive interface.
Immediately available measurement data enables rapid decision-making on site and, depending on requirements, the first hygiene management measures can be initiated.